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Just saw a job posting for my job...what now?

So my organization has been expecting to employ a lab laborer that is as of now able on an analyzer that I have never been prepared on. I am actually NOT on paper the boss of my area of expertise however at whatever point they require something done that a boss would do they ask me. I approve conventions, do QA, QC, train individuals, compose specialized reports, buy assignment and so forth. I was even solicited by the advisor from our lab to refresh my resume on record a year ago to say..supervisor. I saw the activity posting and it truly disturbed me on the grounds that the title is # Supervisor, posting all that I do, saying somebody expected to assume responsibility, and the compensation is 30K more than what I am making. What would it be a good idea for me to do? Would it be a good idea for me to simply stop (despite everything i'm searching for another activity)? Remain and suck it up? Or then again go up against my scummy HR, CEO, and chief?

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